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Hi, I’m Kara, a professional organizer and speaker in Mid-Michigan and the founder of Organize with Hope, LLC. 

I have a passion for organizing and have demonstrated natural organizing ability from a very young age.  As an elementary student I would ask my teacher if I could stay in at recess to organize the classroom supplies.  I think she worried about me, but she always let me do it!  


Now, as a professional organizer and speaker, I encourage, educate, and guide clients both hands on as well as thru workshops.  I love to help people re-define what it means to be organized.       

Besides being an organizing enthusiast, I have a background in finance and office support, two fields where I’ve had the opportunity to develop my organizing skills further.  Focusing with detail I know how to implement systems to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

I am a natural encourager and energized by helping others.  My heart is to help people see that organized homes are possible, but they don't have to look like the pages of a magazine


I'm a member of the Organizing Specialists Network and have been featured on organizedatoz.com.

I'd love to connect with you!  After checking things out here on the site, please take a minute to e-mail or call and share how Organize with Hope, LLC can bring hope to your home.  



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