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"Working with you has been delightful. You have empowered me to do what I knew needed to be done all along. Your business is aptly named. Although nothing happens instantaneously, you keep me on track and filled with hope about how my home will look in the future.  Thank you for your cheerful encouragement and for the results I am seeing in my home."

Linda, working mom of twins

"Thanks to the gentle and encouraging coaching from Kara, my life has been genuinely blessed. Kara helped me manage my "paper piles" without judgment or installing complicated systems. I have now applied Kara's advice into my kitchen spaces, hallway, pantry and computer room. Today, thanks to Kara, I get excited to think about how I want to organize a space instead of feeling paralyzed. Kara's coaching has brought forth multiple blessings in my life and that of my family's."

Judy, working mom of 3

"My wife surprised me by asking Organize with Hope to help get my garage in order. My garage used to be so cluttered that not only was I running out of storage space, but it was impossible to find what I was looking for because nothing was in a place that made things easy to find. Now it is clean and organized! It's so wonderful to drive into the garage I've always wanted, but never thought was possible!"

"I am absolutely loving my newly organized space.  I really can't thank you enough for bringing hope to our home! It feels much more relaxing to wake up and know that I don't have to clean the countertop off or rummage through the entrance way to find shoes/hats/gloves for anyone! What a blessing! The results truly are stunning!"

Michelle, working mom of 3
"Thank you for the efficient and economical reorganization of my kitchen space. Moving the pots and pans  to the pantry has been especially helpful for me. Now I can reach them easily without bending down or lifting other items - this has really helped me with my arthritis. Likewise, I can store twice as much in my refrigerator as before. I can now fit 4 gallons of milk at any time and a great deal of fresh produce. This is very helpful for someone who lives in country and shops every two weeks. The many changes and organizers you used to improve our kitchen layout have really improved our day to day life."

Cheri, retired
"Kara helped me prepare for a surgery that would leave me unable to perform daily duties myself.  She helped me organize daily life by putting my “life in a binder!”   She thought thru a plan to get the everyday tasks accomplished.  We budgeted ahead and organized me to pay the bills while being laid up.  Everything I needed was at my fingertips by using the system she set up for me. It eased my mind so that I could concentrate on my recovery. I am going to use the system for the rest of my life!"


"No one ever has to wonder "what's for dinner" thanks to Kara and Organize with Hope! Each day of the month has its own menu plan and corresponding weekly grocery list, which makes it quick and easy to visit the store ONCE for the ingredients to the delicious meals! My kitchen has been organized in such a way that the items I use the most are where I can get to them easiest. Everything has a home that makes sense now. I even have a "lunch station" that all my friends are jealous of! Oh! If only I had done this earlier!"

Jessica, working mom of 4


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